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I'm not sure what more they could want that I haven't along with other's already provided, I can tell you it doesn't seem to be related to gear because whether you have gear from before S7 and collect the same gear after S7 it has no effect.

I can tell you that it more revolves around how the game determines character's made before S7, and how they are able to obtain said accolades doesn't correspond with after S7 changes otherwise we wouldn't have this issue.

So it seems to stem from old coding still waiting for old coding to give the green light, but that green light part has been altered or removed hence leading to this issue.

Because trying to duplicate it just won't work, as none of my character's made after S7 has been effected in just such a way.

I have only 1 count it 1 that is a pre-S7 character my first character ever made, he is the one who is effected and cannot progress by any means at my disposal.

Re-obtaining the gear doesn't change it, attempting to re-acquire the accolades (even though you cannot re-acquire a already accomplished accolade) does not resolve the issue, deleting the suspicious gear and acquiring new ones doesn't resolve the issue.

However the saved game data is stored by Cryptic, and is effected by their programming and can only be changed by them unless deleted, so it is up to them and them alone for fixing it.

They have the authority and permission to enter an account to see visually with their own eyes, and test for the purpose of a resolution.

They have provided with all the needed information as to the root cause, how to reproduce it even though it most likely cannot be reproduced, picture proof, step by step instructions, etc... what more do they need from us?

If they simply cannot tell the programming code to simply unlock the accolade, than they need simply eliminate the need for its completion in general and come up with a better system of obtaining it.
I think this one nails what the problem is. It's like the Gamma Orionis sector defense accolade. Someone forgot to untie the accolade from the old way it worked (tied to mission) so it keeps looking for that old trigger which has since been changed/removed.

Maybe there is a fundamental difference between how you got the set before versus how you get it now:
Old way = Get the drop from STF and "buy" set piece from at DS9. Maybe the accolade trigger got abandoned back there for people that had the old accolade in progress.