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01-22-2010, 09:42 PM
Originally Posted by Albarest
Seems to be having similar problem here.

For me the problem only appears when I'm in space.
Suddenly keyboard would stop responding.

Mouse works though.
So had to just follow another player to engagement area and use the mouse to control the rest.
Basically being towed into fights, with no way of controlling my own movement.

Really odd.
If I just minimize the game, the keyboard is fine on other applications.
Going back to the game, keyboard still non-responsive.

Anyone got any idea on a fix?
just something to check, do you have a joystick/gamepad/xbox360 controller plugged in, the game has some basic mappings for these (or at least the gamepads), if they are being "pressed" accidentally, and even if they aren't it could cause problems.

loath as i am to admit a mistake of my own (sadly it does happen lol), i had a "keyboard not working" problem, it turned out to be my xbox controller got knocked off my tower and the left stick was being "used" to turn right, this overroad all my keyboard controls until i realized what was happening. if you do have something like this plugged in, unplug it even if it doesn't seem to be getting used and see if the problem goes away.