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03-31-2014, 01:00 PM
Just thought I would add some details on my character since things might be a little different from what others have posted:

My fed engineer (Archer@LinkArcher) has a similar problem, I gathered all three Omega Force Mk XII pieces prior to the launch of the reputation system. However, I don't remember whether I completed all six optional objectives before the launch. Omega Force Operative, MACO Commando and MACO Team Commander are listed as completed, Omega Force Shadow Operative and MACO Elite Commander are not.

The difference in my case is that none of the above accolades appear to be duplicated. Hope this helps.

By the way, I'm not sure if this is a known issue but the hip pieces on my romulan alien (Shivali@LinkArcher) are missing. I have Omega Force Shadow Operative completed on that character and I have the Omega Style 2 and 3 unlocked, is it necessary to unlock Omega Style 1 to get all of the costume pieces? That was the only difference I know of because on my other characters I got the Mk XI Omega set instead of skipping directly to Mk XII.