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01-22-2010, 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by Albarest
Nope, no other input devices plugged in aside from keyboard and mouse.
The only other USB devices plugged are a UPS and a printer.

Note: the keyboard is a Logitech Illuminated (USB) if that makes any difference.
Driver already updated to the latest version too.
nope the illumination shouldn't have any effect, it was worth checking lol

something you might try, uninstall the logitech drivers/software and let the windows default drivers install and load, see if the problem persists, if it doesn't we know the logitech drivers are at fault, if it does persist then we know it is something else

just to give you an idea (this was years ago) logitech keyboard software would lock up windows processes and cause shutdown problems, namely you could try turning off your PC and logitech wouldn't let it, talk about an error in drivers lol.

edit: this actually applies to everyone with keyboard problems, if you are using a "special" keyboard, like a multimedia, or gaming keyboard, that normally uses special drivers for extra functionality, uninstall the keyboard drivers and let the default keyboard drivers from windows load, see if it helps.

if on the other hand you have said special keyboards but only have the default windows drivers, go get the proper drivers and try them.

if switching to the default windows drivers fix the problem PLEASE submit a new bug report explaining what keyboard and drivers you were using, and that using default drivers worked where the proper ones didn't so things can be fixed.

also post it here, mostly so those of us who want to help can stop wondering lol