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01-22-2010, 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by Albarest
No dice. uninstalled logitech setpoint made it even worse.
Just a minute into a fight, already stuck with no keyboard.

One thing though.
The keyboard is not COMPLETELY off.
Sometimes, I hear a beep noise when I press the keyboard, other times no response for a bit, then a tiny response.

I can still exit the game when I press ESC enough times to pop the menu.

BTW, where'd the bug button go?
Even since the last few patch I don't see it anywhere.
the bug button is under the "?" on the minimap now.

this tells us something, your problem isn't that the keyboard isn't working, it is that something is either a) taking focus away from the game (ie something popping up behind the game but not showing up) or b) the game or something is using up so many system resources that the keyboard is being "kicked" off the list of what to "listen to" often enough as to seem nonfunctional. also, did you make sure to restart the PC after you uninstalled the logitech drivers?

the problem with b) is that certain processes and devices have certain priorities, the keyboard is a VERY high priority device, pretty much the only thing that beats it out is the system clock itself for "attention" so the question is, have you checked your CPU useage? is the processor being maxed out on use, if it is running at 100% with the game that would possibly explain the lack of keyboard response, though this seems unlikely

make sure you completely disable things like your antivirus, i know after patches at least, norton pops up for me at game start, but it doesn't always actually show on screen in front of the game, i have to specificly look for it.