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01-23-2010, 05:06 AM
i played a bit friday afternoon(uk tz) and up to the point where server went down for 2hr maintanence i found it to be the best ive seen it, still random disconnects ect but it felt alot smoother and playable overall.

i waited for the 2hrs and patched the update and got back in game, noticed it wasnt as good as it was b4 the update and went bed.

try to log on this morning and have now found the launcher just hangs at "patch", i try to circumvent the launcher by using the gameclient but that just times out on connecting to server.

ive read many posts on these forums regarding a multitude of problems many of which affecting quite a number of peole and have yet to see any response from the devs.

im an old eve player and im not going to compare the 2 games and yes eve still has its problems but 1 thing i can say about eve is ,within minutes of the server going pear shaped , u will have at least 1 post saying "we're on it" or something of that ilk.
keeping the player baseinformed in games at this stage is crucial , even if its just a quick response , it shows your there and trying.