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04-02-2014, 10:46 PM
Just did painful a run of Khitomer Vortex Elite with my Mirror Qin. I have no idea how we still got the optional.

1) Had one idiot in a T1 constitution. He kept on making excuses: "I forgot to switch my ship". He ended up getting the LOWEST dps of 375.

2) One person in a science vessel kept on going "PROBES! RIGHT SIDE! HELP!". At least this guy had decent dps and did something useful: gravity well.

3) Another person who recently reached lvl50 who just kept on dying who clearly isn't ready for Elite.

In the end we beat it with 1 minute to spare on the optional. I was surprised no one got near Donatra.

There seriously needs to be something that prevents queuing for STFs in anything lower than a lvl40 ship and MkX gear.