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01-23-2010, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Metiphis View Post
NO DUDE it works!!! I made a character and am in the training area running around on 1680x1050 resolution THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!

Edit: Flying around during the first Borg battle now, works great! Umm except the graphics refresh thing, how do I go about editing the program to fix that?
you have to type this every time you start STO.. it fixes the problem though....

after you log in, just type this in the normal chat line like your talking...

/renderscale 1.001

then... it changes the scale on rendering, which prevents the bug from occurring... but it doesn't save it, so it loses that setting every time you log off.

for better graphics you can type higher numbers, but it hurts frame rate.... 1.001 is basically 100.1% of normal resolution.