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01-23-2010, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by B.B.
lol so what youre saying is that I need a über customised build PC to play this game just because everything is overheating? bs if you ask me. why would this game be diffrent on that aspect then others?
No, I am saying that brand name PC makers make rather generic cases. If you take the best of the best components and throw them in there, you will have a PC that gets too hot when playing games that decide to make use of the graphics card to the extent that STO currently does.

STO doesn't push my GFX card anywhere close to other more recently developed games.

Run some benchmarking software that maxes out your PC for a couple of hours and check your temperatures. If they are not reasonable, then neither is your airflow.

You guys have to keep in mind that out of the tens of thousands of people that have tested this game, only a small handful are experiencing these issues. If it was specific to a problem with the game, then everyone would have these issues.