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04-05-2014, 04:27 PM
Hi, I am (or rather i uninstalled but was) getting the d3d11 error I have no idea why but like many others have said it's started since season 8, up to that point I was able to run the game perfectly with no errors and at the best my machine is capable. Now thanks to these incessant errors i have uninstalled the game and I am considering going to EVE until the RSI Star Commander game comes out or until i find out that the issues with this game are solved. I will not have my machine made a mockery of by a single game when it's capable of handleing everything from today's heavy hitters with ease, to the still system intensive DX10 games like Crysis, Gears Of War and Hellgate.

I sincerely hope someone solves the issues that have come up as I love Star Trek and have enjoyed playing this game, but until then it's goodbye from me. For the record here are my following specs:

I7 2600K 3.4GHz (Running at 4.4GHz)
8GB Corsair Vengence Black DDR3
P8P67 pro Motherboard
Kingston HYPER X 240gb SSD
Seagate 1TB single Platter HDD
Western Digital Passport 1TB HDD
Corsair TX650 PSU
Windows 7 Premium 64 bit
CPU and GPU are FULLY watercooled at stable temps under full load

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