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01-23-2010, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by Treel View Post
I have tried the second version.

1. i got some java error in IE launcher.
2. sound is working great.
3. No problems with graphics
4. Only the graphic in the game is not so smooth as on mi PC

doh123 thanks
When you want more info or that i test something just let me know.
yep, they keep playing with the launcher, and it doesn't like IE6 rendering engine.. I'm messing around with fixes, but nothing yet has been better, just different.

They could actually code their page to use IE6 right.. some minor changes would even let the png files do transparency right, but I don't think they care enough to look into it since so few use IE6... it just runs a lot better in Wine than IE7... If i had the source to their patcher, I'd just write a custom OSX native one.. but that would be almost impossible without a lot of help from them, so it could interface and launch the game right.

from what I've seen the graphics smearing only happens on some set ups, not all...

Frame rate wont be as high as natively on Windows, since WIne is an extra layer in there... but its a very minor hit in performance.

Thanks for the info!