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01-23-2010, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by echrei View Post
I've got it running to the loading screen, but the server is down right now so I can't test much. My feedback so far is about the same as the last guy's. I'll have to compare framerates and such when I can log in. Right now, I'm running it in windowed mode. When I launched it initially, I just got a black screen and had to force quit.
the black screen is the X server launching in fullscreen. Depending on your OS and what you have installed Font wise... some things have been interfering with Wine I haven't figured out.... so sometimes it has to build Font Metrics for your machine, which means it could sit at that screen for a few minutes before anything showed up. if it does have to build font metrics, it should only do it the first time, then run fine from then on on your machine.

I've never gotten the "window" mode in STO to work... I always leave it on fullscreen and change the wrapper between Rootless with a virtual desktop and Fullscreen.

if your running it, or the black window or anything.. you can always CMQ+Q to kill it quickly at anytime.... it kills the whole X server and Wine shuts down.

There are also log files you can look at to see whats happening...

Inside the wrapper in Contents/Resources/Logs