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# 1 Requesting Ha'apax build
04-08-2014, 07:25 AM
Hey guys,

So basically, I have this Ha'apax on an engineering character which is doing nothing more but gathering dust. I recently decided to pull that character out of drydock, but it seemed that I still had Mk IX equipment from leveling equipped.

So, I'd like to have a somewhat effective build for that ship.

Just some simple things I'd like you to take into account
- Right now, this is a simple ground alt I do not intend to grind a lot for. So basically, please no reputation and fleet gear.
- I am willing to replay each episode up to 8 times if needed for some special piece of gear.
- I'd like to keep the price of the build at a maximum of 2 million. Like I said, this is a simple alt I don't really care that much about.
- Tanking is an important feature for any build I'm gonna fly with this ship. I'd like to take all the damage a Cube can throw at me when my team kills it.

I'm not expecting the kind of build to solo STF's with. I'm just hoping for something that won't ashame me when flying around. I'm hoping for around 4k DPS. More is always welcome.

If you have a build suggestion, you can either share it through typing or by providing a link to the STOacademy build planner.

Thanks in advance,
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