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04-08-2014, 10:59 AM
I have the advance one, what do you want to know? I'll help you. No secret. There a few things you need to do to get some good things for it. But most are in the missions.

Don't have to play the missions 8 times you just need to be at the right level and know which mission to play. I am vice admiral so the higher the level weapons, devices and console items will help you have a battle star ship. I wish the ship had more resource power than my Fed ship does. Again the limits per ship. Can't add everything to the ship though would be nice. So I have to forgo a lot of things. Shields over 52,000 instead of the 40,000. To keep it at that level to make the fore 10,000, sides 10,000, rear 10,000 then the rest at least 30 to 40%.

Time will only tell!

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