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# 1 Help on Mirror Dhelan build
04-09-2014, 10:29 AM
Greetings all,

I've recently returned to STO have a long hiatus and been revisiting my Romulan character and just generally getting back into the swing of things. I was excited to see the cheap Dhelan retrofits on the exchange since I really dislike the look of the sub-admiral ha'apax/ha'nom/ha'feh ships.

Anyway, I'm not really used to an engineer-focused ship (my character is Science) and I've been struggling with a build that feels effective and doesn't result in my recurring annihilation.

My build is largely incomplete obviously. Wondering if anyone can give me some advice on where to go with this. Here's what I'm using.

Fore: 3 Plasma DHC MK XI [crtD] [Dmg}, Plasma Torpedo launcher MK XI [crtD]x2
Deflector: Graviton Deflector Array MK XI [PrtG] [FlwC] [EM]
Engine: Efficent impulse MK XI
Singularity: undecided
Shields: Reg Shield Array MK XI [Dis] [pha] [reg]
Aft: 2 Plasma Turrent MK XI [crth] [dmg], Plasma Torpedo launcher MK XI [crtD]x2

BO layout

Commander Tactical: Tactical team 1, Attack pattern delta 1, Cannon rapid fire 2, Attack pattern omega 2
Lt. Tactical: High yield torpedo 1, Cannon rapid fire 1

Lt. Commander Eng: Engineering Team, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Directed energy modulation 2
Lt. Eng: Emergency power to Shields 1, Axillary power to emergency battery 2

Ens Sci Hazard emitters 1

Have no idea where to go console wise.

I'm not really that concerned with being decked out with the best sets or anything. I'm a pretty casual player. But I want something somewhat serviceable.

Any help will be appreciated.