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04-09-2014, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by edgecrysger View Post
I thought all romulan warbirds have that configuration.. warbirds have low defense and high offense. Or there is a way to have high defense (i mean hull or shield strenght, for example) and offense in a romulan warbird??
Well, I used to run a DD as a tank. The trick is the console from the valdore. It turns your energy weapon damage into shield heals. The more outgoing energy damage, the better the heals. So, if you can also use either 2EPTS and 2EPTW abilities to cycle through as often as possible, or 1 EPTS and 1 EPTW with A2B, you can keep shield heals and extra resistances going constantly. Use Science team for instant heals, or transfer shield strength for extra buff and slow heal if you have high aux power. You could use EPTA instead of weapons, but with the console from the valdore, you might want the EPTW to increase damage output and get a little extra shield healing as well.