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*OOC: Alright time to kick this tragedy off.*

*That night Victor and Tamsin are at a dinner which perks her up some... But Victor is confused still..*

Vic: I don't know a lot about you..

Tamsin: I know.. But I am a medically trained Doctor, but I am not from this city.. So I hardly know anyone.

Vic: Any siblings?

Tamsin: I don't know I haven't heard from them in quite some time..

Vic: Oh.. Sorry I brought that up..

Tamsin: Its okay.. I kind of just don't like talking about it.

Vic: Any boyfriends?

Tamsin: No.. Never really considered it. Though I am slowly reconsidering it. Watching you handle Cal was touching..

Vic: Thanks.

*In the city, the Republic facility is being infiltrated appropriately while Rider and the rest are inside.. they separate as they reach a patrol.. *

Rider: So man.. tell me how is the winter over on the southern end of the planet?

Patrol: Its fine. and its damn cold..

Rider: Right.. Its crazy weather out there.

*In the hangar the rebels attempt to plant bombs on the new suit.*

Mechanic: Hey what the hell are you doing?

Rebel: Crap.. *fires a phaser and kills the mechanic..*

*The red alert goes through the base as Rider and the rest kill the patrol..*

*Outside the MS team consisting of 9 suits launch an attack on the base.. going through the city.. Cal is watching outside and runs to the action.. to watch..*

*OOC: No I am not going to go that low. *