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01-23-2010, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Kaell View Post
>Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs> Fine the Norton Entry (Usually about 10 of them) > Uninstall....Fixed

Norton = Bad evil resource hog - and driver killer..

Pretty much all AV software does this but Norton is king. Avoid using anything that active scans, if your going to hop on the web, turn it on, but if your gaming, shut it down - Just remember to flip it back on before you go DL'n whatever it is that you DL. If you have a laptop or other desktop I'd use one of those for browsing tbh.
Actually, 2010 is not a resource hog. Norton's is the only AV program I have never gotten a virus infection while using, where-as I've had my pc get viraled out using McAffe, Kapersky, AVG, and Zone Alarm.

360 and 2010 were designed to not be the resource hog other versions were.

Thanks for your tips, but I have no performance issues what-so-ever with Nortons. It runs seemlessly in the background on any game I have played. It even goes silent when I am gaming, hence I do not even see that the crypticerror.exe file has been Quarantined until I either minimize the game or quit playing.