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Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
Universal consoles, Fleet tactical consoles, and for the gravimetric photon torp 3pc-dyson-weapon-set
That's correct plus the Gravimeteric Torpedo also has a natural +6% crit chance. Sorry for being away from the forums for a few days, it's been a busy week. To answer the questions on my starship, it's just for PvE with GW1 to gather the mobs and then pummel them with the torp;s rifts. I'm still working on tier-5 reps across the board;

Tholian Recluse
Gravimeteric Torp & Experimental Weapon
Kinetic Cutting Beam
3x Protonic Beam Arrays MK XII
Elite Fleet Deflector, Warp Core and Shield.
Plasmonic Leech, Zero Point Conduit, Borg Assimilated Console, Proton Particle Stablizer
4x Flow Caps or 4x Particle Gens
2x tact Polaron Consoles Mk XII
2x Adv mesh Weavers

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