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01-23-2010, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Phelissa View Post
Simple. Norton sucks. Use another antivirus such as AVG or Kapersky.

Not sure how to fix the current issue tho, if its not accepting the .exe into the exclusions list then Im not sure. You could try to mark the .exe as 'read only' and maybe that will prevent it from deleting it... not sure if that will work either :/
Because free stuff ALWAYS works better then something you actually have to pay for. I can't name how many times I have had to clean off someone's computer who used AVG. on the other hand Kaspersky is listed as one of the best AVs out on the market. Norton is still very good, I have seen less problems with them then most other AVs out there.

Originally Posted by Kaell View Post
>Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs> Fine the Norton Entry (Usually about 10 of them) > Uninstall....Fixed

Norton = Bad evil resource hog - and driver killer..

Pretty much all AV software does this but Norton is king. Avoid using anything that active scans, if your going to hop on the web, turn it on, but if your gaming, shut it down - Just remember to flip it back on before you go DL'n whatever it is that you DL. If you have a laptop or other desktop I'd use one of those for browsing tbh.
One word, McAfee.

Norton is no where near as close. To give you an idea, some other legit AV programs call McAfee malware, you know it is bad when it is rated like that. Trend Micro is a close second with Norton being WAY down on the list from them (especially since 2010 released)

Originally Posted by Phelissa View Post
Well, honestly.. AV apps are useless imo. I havent used one in quite some time (but do scan from time to time..) and have never been bitten (knock on wood) What I learned - stay away from sites that look fake. Dont DL illegal s**t. Dont open emails that you dont know. Follow these simple rules and life can be better (and a faster PC too..)
two things:
first, as nice as it would be for everyone to follow these rules that is not the case.
second, you have been very lucky as some of the malware out there tends to hit you from legit websites that have been hacked. to give you an example, my previous laptop about a year ago was hit with a very nasty malware right after i had reinstalled the OS, so of course no AV yet (was online to DL an AV), the virus came from a very legit and usually clean website, Google. they killed the hack fast of course, but my computer was hit before they stopped it, ended up having to re-reinstall the OS again to clean it up.