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Originally Posted by rahmkota19 View Post
To answer some questions:
- I have the free level 40 version
- Only ZEN consoles I have access to on that character are the level 10 Fed Escort and Sci Vessel console
- I do favor a torpedo in all my builds so far, if I learned anything, then it is that a well-timed torpedo can rip enemies apart
- Antiproton might seem reasonable on first sight, but I have looked into this on a KDF char. And boy, they are expensive. Probably since they don't drop as loot. So AP is gonna fall short I'm afraid.

The Step set is already testing on my Gal-X, and this set is something I don't have to complain about. So I might just go for it. Hargh'pen might be a nice torpedo indeed, been to long since I used that anyway. Any mission the Rommies need to play for it, or is that one stalking doff assignments in Eta Eridani?

Thanks for the help so far, really giving some direction into possible experiments.
The point of AP is this is a beam array ship: you can get free beam arrays of AP type from the sphere of influence mission. Tedious, but free. But you CANNOT use the AP set so whether its worth anything is questionable anyway. The main reason AP is cool is the 360 beam and the free 10% set (beam and warp core) but you can't use the core on a haapax.

As for a torp, if you like one use one, but you don't have room for a torp tactical skill so maybe harpheng or breen cluster for a big boomer that can't use spread anyway? Or whatever else. If you use them, thats 1-2 less runs for AP beam arrays anyway... so it could work out nice.

The harphengh mission is available to all 3 factions somewhere. I forget the name of it. And you can also DO earn it on any faction but that is rare and I think you gotta crit it (?).

If you like this ship, the haakona might be worth a look. Split into the escort, it can be amazing, so you can dps when tanking is inappropriate and tank when needed. The universal officer is very helpful. Upgrades to a fleet ship for 1 module.

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