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01-24-2010, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Dryden88 View Post
To all of you doubting me let me make this clear. Crysis and many other high end graphics gulping games run blazing fast on my PC. Were you honestly comparing all these games to STO? What on this gods green earth could this game be doing to cause a high end card to skyrocket in temperature..
For comparison sake, my computer used to run Crysis nearly maxed out graphics happily with no crashing.

When I started playing Age of Conan, my computer would randomly restart/crash to desktop once every 20-40 minutes. I also experienced the same problem playing Company of Heroes and World in Conflict.

I found it strange that I had these problems in a game such as Age of Conan but yet not in Crysis and I could also run Prime95 and OCCT for 4+ hours with no crashes or problems. For whatever reason Age of Conan was making my computer do something that these other programs didn't. I started looking for answers by asking the game developers if there were any known issues and there were not.

Upon further investigation I found that my RAM timings were a little too tight for the sensitive 790i chipset. Relaxing my RAM timings for my 4 DIMMS of OCZ RAM got the problem down to weekly, then with a little more tweaking the problem has been gone now for over 1 year. I have since posted these stable timings on the OCZ forums as several other users were also having problems with that RAM and chipset combination (RAM manufacturers posted timings were not correct for the chipset, or when combined with another kit of the same type and brand).

The point of the story is that Crysis, while it is considered "modern", does not necesarilly make use of video cards in the same way as other games or applications. For whatever reason *** was utilizing my RAM differently than Crysis just enough to reveal the weakness in my configuration.

If you are experiencing these kinds of problems (overheating, lockups, reboots, shutdowns) then you have come across a game that has revelead a weakness in your current configuration. If the problem is gone since a patch, thats great, but that just means that the new patch is being "softer" on your systems weakness. The weakness is still there. This miracle command fix that is correcting the problem for some people is just changing how the game is utilizing your video card enough to reduce the heat being produced by it.

No matter how many years of technical support you have done, and no matter how many degrees or certifications you have, once in a while computers throw a wrench into your train of thought for you to overcome and figure out. I have been working professionally in IT for over 10 years relating to both hardware and software, there are always things you will come across that make you go "Huh?"