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01-24-2010, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by Dryden88 View Post
Well would you look at that. After this latest server maintenance and patch my Pc is running STO just fine. Wow. My 7 years of Tech Suppot and help desk mean nothing I guess in diagnosing this issue. I mean I wasn't saying it had something to do with the game or anything. You know saying I told you say doesn't seem to cut it in this case. But I told you so.
Calling that orange a banana?

I'm glad the latest patch helped you. I don't know what your original problems were, but if they were in-line with the thread regarding overheating, it's still a problem on your PC. If your PC was overheating (ie: video card, CPU, or anything else) when playing STO and now it's not with the latest patch, then that only means the new patch streamlined code so that it won't max out GPU/CPU. If your PC was overheating with STO in the past, then it will overheat with anything that maxes out your GPU, CPU, etc.

Try some stress testing and see why your PC was really overheating.