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01-24-2010, 04:52 AM
Aside from some errors, it's not too bad.

Some that i noticed after a quick glance...

Malwarebytes you have listed under Anti-Virus, it is not AV it is anti malware/spyware

Peripheral hardware being USB over PS/2 makes no difference in gaming. Sometimes in fast paced First Person Shooters older usb mice can lag a few milliseconds in its response time, but does nothing to effect Frame Rate.

You want GPU Accelerated Particles to be turned ON not OFF to help FPS.

Sound. Given the minimum requirements to play STO, if you meet these then sound will not cause you any loss of fps, especially if you have a sound card, which most gamers do. If you are among the "casual" gamers then you may have just an onboard audio card, which still would not effect fps due to the multi core cpu.

If you put all your video settings to what you recommend then STO will look like some MMO from the 90's.

I would STRONGLY advise people to not use Viper's Process Guide unless they are very comfortable with making changes to their computer that may very well render it inoperable if done wrong, resulting in a need for a total reinstall of the OS

Good advice would be to make sure your drivers are current, windows is updated, HD is defragged, and you click the "Recommended" button under video settings. Things should work pretty well from there.

I applaud the effort though even if I don't agree with the advice.