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01-24-2010, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by HeroesWar View Post
I have a 9600GT running windows 7 32bit.

The only thing I have turned off in the game are shadows everything else is set to max and looking at my card heat its running at about 65-70 C

so I dont know if this is effecting newer cards, something to do with the coding or maybe something with the game code and nvidia drivers.

I use a program called EVGA precision I dont know if this works with all Nvidia cards.

but idle its running about about 41C core clock is set at 650mhz I played another online game can't remember what it was but the game used to crash out and reset my pc 2-5-20 mins into the game.

This may sound stupid but when I dropped my cards core clock to 550mhz the game was stable and never crashed.

If someone wanted to give this program a go and alter some of there card settings see if it makes a difference and report back I would try it myself but I dont have any problems at the moment getting the game to run and run stable.

You lowered performance and have no idea why it could have made it more stable! You have no idea why older cards are having less problems. Newer cards are faster.. faster means more heat... more heat + insufficient cooling = instability.

Christ, were some of you people dropped as an infant? It's commonsense.