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01-24-2010, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by Spots
Strangeness! I was having constant crashes on ground missions, unless I turned on half resolution, or underclocked my GPU to litterally half it's normal clock speed. I took it out, made sure it was clean, checked all the other fans, was all good. Then I tried moving it one step down from my CPU, and right against my PhysX card. I figured it wouldn't be any better, but might as well try. It helped. Then, with some log information from GPU-z, I noticed that my memory temperature was the one getting the highest, so rather than lower the clock speed on the GPU, I lowered it on the video memory by about 10%. Problem solved.

Here's where I think we might be having a problem with STO that other games don't have: Memory bandwidth. With all the special post-processing effects it has, most of which use a lot of buffer accesses, it's possible that the heat issues are coming from the memory getting exerted more heavily than other games. Some are big on GPU power, others on memory pixel-pushing, and if I recall, most of these effects are very pixel-pushing intensive. For example, using lower screen resolutions, but cranking up your special effects, polygons and textures will work well on a powerful GPU with a low bandwidth memory bus, but not well on a slower GPU, with a larger bus. High resolution and high anti-aliasing requires a huge memory bandwidth, and cards with big ones can handle it better. Something about texture/polygon fill rates vs. pixel fill rates. I'm sure one of you experts out there can verify this, but it seems to fit.

The problem with this post is that most people will start to read it and their eyes will glaze over and get that "deer in the headlight" look and none of it will make sense so they will just go back to blaming STO.

All techno-babble aside... the short story is.. People are overheating!