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01-24-2010, 12:58 PM
The overheating issue is somthing to do with the game engine really hitting the GPU hard for no apparent reason.. my card runs at 85 to 90 playing this game yet with crysis and other similar games it runs at 75 to 80 max.

So the question is why does this game hit the GPU so hard when the graphics are not all that hot.

Turning off post processing solves it for me but others have to do different things.

My case is not dusty at all the cooling works fine on more graphic intensive games so it all points to somthing up with this game.

Now with the last weeks mid week patch they had actually fixed the issue, i could run everything maxed out and my card would happily sit at 78 and not really move from that. With this weekends patch they have reverted the fix and now my temps are gonig sky high again so off went post processing effects and its fine.

So to all the people screaming saying its the persons fault because they dont air condition their pc please stop..