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01-24-2010, 02:52 PM
- USB devices CAN drain resources. Back in like 02' I played EQ for a few months, on a PII 600 Mhz 64 mb ram crap Intel onboard video and sound. Needless to say my FPS was crap, and I was using a USB keyboard and mouse at the time. Sometimes my system would be so slow, I'd take a look at System Resources (this was 98SE) and see it down at like 80% or less, with just the login screen for EQ up. When I switched to a typical PS/2 setup, that percentage went from 80's up to 90's. Sure, it may have been just a weird system config but USB devices draw power and resources from a PC, and like the guide says most modern PC's don't have any issues with this but hey, ya never know for an older machine.

- Sound can affect performance, if you're using onboard sound, a single core CPU, with not a lot of ram and onboard video? Yea, turning off sounds will net you a few more frames. Every bit of resources your system can save on such a low end pc as that example, is helpful.
Your advice regarding usb is out of date. By your own admission, you were using a pc that was woefully underpowered and really old. If you meet the minimum system requirements to play STO, having USB devices will have no effect on fps, period.

Regarding sound, see previous paragraph.

I would still post a warning about using Viper's guide, to be very careful when doing so and only if you are comfortable with making system changes that can seriously effect your pc. ALL pc's are different, and yes the basic OS install does install various processes you may not need. HOWEVER, many box pc stores like Dell, Hewett-Packard, Sony, etc install alot of junk, but that junk is actually needed to operate, and removing or altering could have negative impacts on your system. i have been in the pc diagnosis and repair business for over 15 years and have seen this many times. A little warning would go along way.