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01-24-2010, 04:30 PM
Sorry guy's I'm not buying this issue. I have written programs for DirectX for almost 6 years now and I have never seen DX software that was capable of causing hardware damage. In fact I can think of several games, Flight Sim X for example, and applications, RenderMonkey comes to mind, that use as much if not more card power then STO for far longer periods of time. I also reject the notion that hardware be it a GPU, CPU, or hard drive was not designed to run near 100%. You don't think guys developing shaders don't run their graphics cards near 100% all day long? What about database servers or developers (although I would argue this is poor system design from a server prospective)? I think this issue comes down to a couple of things:

Hardware installation & cleaning: If you installed the card yourself are you sure it was done properly? Is hot air coming off of a different fan right on to your GPU? Do you have adequate cooling? When was the last time you cleaned your power supply and inside of your case?

Graphics Settings: Are you overclocking your system a bit too much? Do you have your graphics set beyond what your system can handle? Maybe your system just isn't designed to handle running STO set to max. Do you have the latest graphics card drivers? Maybe the drivers you have came with a bug.

Bottom line: I have been running STO on my laptop(8600m) now for almost a week including almost 10 hours straight yesterday without any heating issues. I don't have my graphics set to max but they are set to pretty darn good:-) Personally, I wouldn't mess with the FPS because you have no idea how that might effect code that Cryptic has written that is FPS dependent. If you are having problems tone down the graphics settings. You might also try upgrading drivers because its possible that the graphics drivers are bugged.

I would also challenge anyone who thinks that I'm wrong on this to post over on Microsoft's DirectX developer forums or Nvidia developer forums asking about the potential for software to cause hardware damage.