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01-24-2010, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by shanvhere View Post
Yea I will request for a refund on this game, after playing the beta and almost burning my comp, and no I don't believe a comp should be at 100% for a long period of time. It';s like saying I should take my 5.0 Mustang and be in redline RPM for a long period of time, it will mess up the car. The game is a failure your programmers failed on correcting this. And I have a comp that can play this well, and I JUST build it and with performace fans and my CPU is at 60C and my GPU is at 110C, yea eff that.
You know, STO isn't even in release yet. It's still beta. The last series of patches did a good number of optimizations for GPU load. Do you make all of your gaming purchases/subscriptions based mostly on beta?

As for 100% GPU usage, you are correct. You don't want to be at 100% perpetually because there's no need to with some system tweaking and upgrades. For STO, I have no problems with GPU usage with my vertical sync enabled. But I do have a more expensive video card. If yours is struggling to make 60+ FPS average, then turn down your graphic settings. If they're all the way down and your video card is still struggling, then you obviously didn't head the minimum requirements or the community's advice all over the forums ever since closed beta.

But your comparison to redlining an internal combustion engine with peaking a processor at 100% is a fallacy (apples and oranges). GPUs, CPUs, and other processors are just fine being peaked at 100% for extended periods of time provided you have adequate cooling. Companies running servers do this all of the time for years before a serious failure. However, if not adequately cooled, your processor(s) are going to overheat. That's your fault, not Cryptic's.