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01-24-2010, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by akulapanam View Post
Thats what servers and developer computers do all day long, work near 100% for 16+ hours a day. Most computers only have 3 or 4 moving parts (hard drive and fans) whereas your Mustang has thousands. Futhermore, computers ARE designed to work at 100% your Mustang is not.

Why don't you give us more information about your setup so we can see if we can solve your problem.
Ok ill play, I have a 8800GTS that has a Zalman fan on it, and a 5200+ duel core 2.2 GHZ CPU with also a Zalman fan on it, I use 10 brand new fans, pointing the right way it should. And I don't play the game on max settings. But when I do play STO, my software shoot warnings at me telling me "DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!!!!" And i imminently shut down STO