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01-24-2010, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by TallBear
For everyone out there

A game can NEVER, EVER kill your card. I have no idea where this idea is comming from that if you type /showfps in the game and it says 0, your card is in danger.

NO GAME - EVER can kill a card.

TWO things and TWO things ONLY will kill a card:

1a)Improper cooling (due to clogged fans and heat syncs) or bad fans. This also includes improper case cooling
1b) 95% of the cards on the market will SHUT OFF before the memory or GPU gets to the point of being damaged. Although repeated use at high temps will shorten the life of the card

2) You don't plug it in properly and turn on the computer and blow it out or somehow hold it wrong and static fries it.

There are many other moronic ways to kill a card, but no game, no software can kill it (short of software deliberately overwriting the card's bios/nvram)

all limiting the fps in the game does is put a limit on the load the game puts on your card, and this can help some cards that are not properly cooled.

But whomever started the thing that if the game says 000 fps you are in trouble is dead wrong. Mine shows 0.000 and fraps shows over 145fps at MAX game settings in 2560x1600 and I'm running 2 Nvidia 295s for Quad SLI
You know you can't tell these guys anything. They're experts and there's no way it's their machine. The're perfect and STO is at fault. If this is how these people act toward something they don't understand in a simple game, I would hate to see how they are in real life.