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01-24-2010, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by shanvhere View Post
Yea I will request for a refund on this game, after playing the beta and almost burning my comp, and no I don't believe a comp should be at 100% for a long period of time. It';s like saying I should take my 5.0 Mustang and be in redline RPM for a long period of time, it will mess up the car. The game is a failure your programmers failed on correcting this. And I have a comp that can play this well, and I JUST build it and with performace fans and my CPU is at 60C and my GPU is at 110C, yea eff that.
you are so dead wrong. ANY comp out there should and is made for the CPU and GPU to run at MAX 100% load 24/7/365. If a system can't it is because 1) the owner has not taken proper care of the machine by regularly cleaning the fans, heat syncs, and air pathways, 2) the machine was flawed in it's design

This isn't like a car LOL.

If you just built a machine YOURSELF and your CPU is 60c and GPU at 100c, you did one CRAPPY job building that rig, or you bought some CRAPPY parts.

I can run my system at 100% everything, and nothing ever even gets CLOSE to dangerous - especially with this game. CPU never over 50c and GPUs between 40-60c

If I were you I would rebuild my machine, making sure you put proper paste between the cpu and the heat sync, and if you are OCing your system, then don't OC it. Or OC it with bigger and better fans or possibly water cool it.

But any system that is not OCed, and kept in proper order will NEVER, EVER overheat from this game.