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01-24-2010, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by Sulda View Post
You know you can't tell these guys anything. They're experts and there's no way it's their machine. The're perfect and STO is at fault. If this is how these people act toward something they don't understand in a simple game, I would hate to see how they are in real life.
Yep. I'm a computer engineer. I started out as a tech, then network engineer.. then worked for companies designing chips, cards, and mobos.

Like a said, it's NEVER EVER a software's fault for burning out ANYTHING in your system. Even one of those torture test benchmarks.

It's always a few things:

Owner error in not maintaining their machine
Owner building a maching thinking they know what they are doing, built it wrong or use cheap/faulty parts
Namebrand machine that is improperly built
Lastly, just plain faulty HW