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01-24-2010, 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by TallBear
Yep. I'm a computer engineer. I started out as a tech, then network engineer.. then worked for companies designing chips, cards, and mobos.

Like a said, it's NEVER EVER a software's fault for burning out ANYTHING in your system. Even one of those torture test benchmarks.

It's always a few things:

Owner error in not maintaining their machine
Owner building a maching thinking they know what they are doing, built it wrong or use cheap/faulty parts
Namebrand machine that is improperly built
Lastly, just plain faulty HW
Agreed. I have 20 years working with MS based machines and am currently an NA. I put all my case fans on idle, and set my GPU fan to auto. After 10 minutes of running Furmark, I had reached a mean of 84C and 60% fan duty cycle.

Then, leaving the case fans on idle, I manually set the GPU fan to 100% duty cycle (leaving Furmark still running) and within minutes it dropped to an even 65C.

Running STO with all airflow maxed, windowed mode, all settings cranked, I run at 54C.

30C cooler than running Furmark with airflow MINIMIZED. By taking trend readings in steps I am able to prove that airflow directly affects the temperatures.

That right there goes to show that some of you guys have no clue what you're doing. Just because you figured out how to take the access panel off and remove an old video card and replace it with a new one doesn't mean you "know computers". It means you can perform a monkey simple task of module replacement. Impressive.