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01-24-2010, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by Sinhealer
Not long enough it seems...2 months after WoW released queue's of around 3 hours to enter were pretty common,it was not until after sometime that this was sorted.....try to research your whine post before you make it....that is all.
Yeah, Sinhealer I was there and I didn't like it then, what on earth makes you think I'm gonna like it now, so many years down line ?

I'm getting damn sick & tired of this old worn out excuse !! WoW launched over 5 years ago (coding on it started over 8 years ago), coding techniques and technology have moved on a lot since then and server stability has gotten much better in all fields. The bar has been raised and now it's up to other companies to up their game !!

The guy you are so ignorantly putting down has every right to compare what he sees here to WoW, after all it's what he hopes it will be replacing. Would you replace a working, decent, reliable yet old car with a new unreliable one ??

The point here is simple, WoW is the benchmark, like it or not. It is up to companies like Cryptic to take away Blizzards crown. At the moment, STO shows potential only, nothing more, it's up to Cryptic to feed it the juice to pump it up to the winners podium.

I personally want to see STO suceeding, but unless they have a decent launch, then I fear it will go the way of so many others before who failed to meet expectations such as D&D, ***, WAR etc.

Please Cryptic, don't do this on the cheap, WoW is getting tired and is there for the taking if you pump some cold hard cash into making this game all it that it can be !! STEP YOUR GAME UP !!!