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01-24-2010, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by shanvhere View Post
Ok ill play, I have a 8800GTS that has a Zalman fan on it, and a 5200+ duel core 2.2 GHZ CPU with also a Zalman fan on it, I use 10 brand new fans, pointing the right way it should. And I don't play the game on max settings. But when I do play STO, my software shoot warnings at me telling me "DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!!!!" And i imminently shut down STO
What drivers, monitoring software, OS, and DirectX build? Also does it spike in a particular area of the game? Have you tried fine tuning the graphics options to see if its a particular option like post processing for example that is causing the heat up?

EDIT: I reread your original post and I noticed you mentioned a CPU heat spike. This seems really really odd because the game is definately GPU bound for me even on the aforementioned laptop that only has a T7700 Core 2. Unless I'm in heavy combat or loading I'm not really getting strong CPU usage compared to Flight Sim or SQL Server for example. What antivirus are you using and does the problem seem worse after patching?