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01-24-2010, 07:50 PM
Yep. I think the real problem here is that some of you want to play STO but you don't want to have to build or purchase a system that can handle it. That's not STO's problem and you're in denial. If you wanna play, you gotta pay.

Just because you bought something 2 years ago, doesn't mean that it's capable of handling a front-line software without issues. Over the life of a component there are many factors that help determine the overall life of it and many of those things are directly affected by YOU the consumer/builder.

I don't care why you think you're overheating and it doesn't matter anyway. If you are, then you are. Plain and simple. It needs to be fixed. Because you think you know what you're doing doesn't mean you didn't miss something. It's completely presumptuous and arrogant to then say you know all and people with real world experience and training are ignorant. Instead of trying to bold face tell us you're a god of IT, why don't you instead ask for help. Show us some pictures of your tower, where you keep it, the inside of it, the specs on the fans and their CFM and RPM.

People like me come here to led our personal and professional experience to others who don't have that. All we get for that is people calling us noobs and trying to suggest that WE'RE the ones that don't know what we're talking about. This forum is mostly here for peer to peer support. Not just for Devs. Devs don't have time to address every single persons issues and that's why we come here to help. If you keep acting like this, then maybe those who can help will decide not to and then what? Where are you going to get help for your problem then?

EDIT: I have no problem helping people here for free. Otherwise, outside of here, I charge by the hour.