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I have a problem where 10 to 15 minutes into playing STO (maybe a little longer sometimes), my system comes to a complete halt, where all on-screen activity stops, and there's no response from my keyboard and mouse. If I have music on too, it will go on for about 30 seconds more, then starts sounding like its being slowed down as much as possible. It's NOT overheating, I have both CPU monitoring and video card monitoring going on and it never gets any hotter than any other game. Everything is at stock speed and my drivers are at most 2 weeks old.

Every other game runs perfectly EXCEPT for Borderlands and Batman: Arkham Asylum, something that *might* help point the way (and maybe help me resolve those games too!).

My specs: (this is in the dxdiag of course)

Core2Quad 2.4 ghz
8 gigs RAM
ATi 4850 (Asus branded)
Windows 7 64 bit