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I've lost 10 points accolades on my characters , anyone knows which was removed from total ?
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See my thread in the bugs forum... it's already on page 2 and will be quickly buried and forgotten.
The accolade system should be revamped entirely to my mind, because some accolades have been retired definitely and are unobtainable.
It doesn't encourage newcomers to do it as they already lost many points and this difference will grow season after season, I can see it when comparing all my toons that lost accolade points just because there was an unexpected erase while i worked on other accolades, and creating a new toon is not a joy for acco hunter as the comparison to other characters leads to a demotivate.
It is also a problem for the devs to reshape episodes and the system (duplicate accolades, needs to keep the same circumstance in missions to keep the same accolade...). Furthermore, you get completely mad when there is a temporary accolade (temporary event during your holiday far away from home, computer crash, etc...) or a change in the game. For example : When they said Mk X and Mk XI sets will be put off the reputation, I realized that 7 of my 8 toons didn't make them because they had many other things to do (more and more events, etc...), so I planned timing to get them all in time, but finally due to unexpected things, I didn't finish the Mk XI sets on all of them, loosing so 100p, the last day before s9, I spent the whole night (didn't sleep) chasing omega mark to get Mk X set on all of them. Because of LoR, two of my toons lost definitely "True Intentions" because I didn't know it will be removed. One of my Rom character still has the "Lobi Scavenger Hunt - Cold War" to do because of the bug on the last mission which was resolved the last day of the event, and since it's unobtainable with the new featured series event. You probably also have same problems on your toons.

On the other hand, people who worked hard on their accolades (even if their number will decrease : quit the game, etc...) don't want to loose what they spend time and energy to get.

So to my mind, here's what i think should be done to the actual system :
* Accolade points should reflect the actual state of the game and denote the accomplishments and level of the character. Veterans and newcomers toons could reach the same maximum, so you can easily compare 2 players. There should be a real harmonisation between all factions (no duplicates like merits for romulans for example) and accolades in each episodes.
* All accolades unobtainable or incompatible with the comparison system (even those from subscriber) would not be removed but transferred to Legacy points, subdivision of the accolade system. When you want to see acco points from someone, you'll see : "10920 (+250 legacy)". So, devs can easily remove things, create temporary accolades, etc...
* Having a certain number of accolade points could give us some advantages :
** New titles every 1000 acco points threshold
** Colourized name options for devoted acco hunter : Your name is in white actually. Your name could be featured in green when you reach the 10k acco points, in blue when you reach the 15k acco points, in purple when you reach the 20k acco points... and in yellow/gold when you reach a certain Legacy points threshold.
** Exclusive costume options at each threshold on acco or legacy points.
** Other advantages (traits options, ...), that will lead to encourage people into chasing accolades
* Every available accolade should be shown in the list, so as the maximum points ("15185/18800"). There should be hints for how to find hidden accolades.
* Especially with the "New Accord", cross-faction teams should be authorized and a fed should be able to team up with a kdf on some episodes and get klingon specific accolade, as you guys already find ways to get some of them.

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