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04-23-2014, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by leihngwei View Post
Options > Display > Resolution Scale > 1.0

Even though I have the same settings for both Windows (Boot Camp) and Mac, Macside I select a character, it'll load 95.something and it'll crash. Sometimes have to do a forced shutdown.

And here's my macro for taking screenshots. It'll temporarily up the resolution, take a screen without the UI, and drop it back down again. Change the key and file format to whatever you prefer.

/bind "PrtScrn" "renderscale 2 $$ screenshot_jpg $$ renderscale 1"
Hey, that macro is awesome. Thank you!!

If I wanted to make the macro include the UI, how would I alter the macro?

Why would I want to screengrab the screen with the UI? Let's just say that whilst I enjoy the ability to save loadouts for ships I'm a little bit more comfortable knowing that if the system ever fails (surely that could never happen!!) I have an image that shows me what goes where.