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01-24-2010, 10:36 PM
Originally Posted by avalonthas View Post
Okay, I picked up a beta key yesterday, from Game Stop. I go to the downloader page, and I get the same thing as those that posted earlier in this thread, including their downloader and the torrent download option. The problem with the torrent option, is there are NO Seeders, and little to know leechers. That makes torrent download next to impossible. AND, the Star Trek downloader they suggest if having issues with their affiliates is that it's taking FOREVER to download. I started it this morning, and I'm only now at 30% 8 hours later. No, we are NOT on dial-up. We do have high speed internet, but this is really ridiculous. If you are going to recommend torrent, then perhaps you should have a couple of dedicated seeders.
Try again on bit torrent.