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01-25-2010, 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by mdublade View Post
YEAAAAAAAAAA! After the last big patch, my Saurian can skill up now! I see that the graphics have improved in a lot of areas too. Now if only I can get the Significant Other/Chief Financial Officer to approve the release of funds for the lifetime subscription....

On the other hand, I see that the tab-targeting still only seems to target what's visible on my screen and closest to the screen center, not the closest enemy (really annoying when said closest enemy is behind me).
Did you change the default behavior for targeting in the Options. I believe its in the Controls tab. Scroll down and there's a bunch of options. I think one of them allows you to target off screen enemies, and a different option determines whether TAB order is nearest -> farthest or whatever order the game automatically generates.