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08-23-2008, 02:56 PM
I got bored so here you guys go.

Q: What can you tell us about player made races?

A: Yup, you can create your own race. We're giving tools so that people, your skin your eyebrows your antennae your hair, everything, we're doing everything we did with Champions, but we are adding to it to make sure that we can allow players to really bring to life any sorta race they can imagine. Maybe its something mentioned in ST but never shown, maybe its something they've added in their own fan fiction, whatever it is.

Q: Humanoids only or can I have tentacles?

A: Uh,I think yeah just humanoid is where we'll start, we'll eventually go to other places, but uh I think, uh pretty much we're going to be aiming at just humanoids for launch. Luckily thats mostly ST, very few non humanoid races. I wonder why?

Q: Can you customize your ship?

A: So uh, in terms of customizing, you can customize your ship exteriors, the geometry, you can add colors, decals, uh even come up with the name of your ship, the serial number, but also the interiors, we will allow players to do some level customization, now admittedly we are going to have this within some limits. Federation ships for instances have a certain kit, in other words, a certain look, a certain feel, but within those limits we'll have the ability for players to tweak them. It'd be great if we could alow people to customize the decks and their layouts and where the rooms are, but im not sure whether that will be in the release or not.

Q: Which Factions are in at launch?

A: Starfleet and Klingon. So two factions, full PVE content and those two factions will compete indirectly for resources and directly in PvP.

Q: Will PvP be Starfleet vs. Klingon only?

A: Yeah Starfleet vs. Klingons. Uh, maybe we'll do some sort of wargames where you can fight agaisnt people within your faction, that's certainly within the Canon. Uh, I can think of a Next Gen episode, in fact where Picard and Riker face off. That's something we might do.

Q: And Klingons?

A: Yeah, War games would be part of their lifestyle I'd imagine, so there might be some sort of dueling within faction but the primary focus of pvp will between Starfleet and the Klingons.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about how Cryptic acquired the rights to make the Star Trek MMO?

A: Well Perpetual faced some hard choices and they were in a position where they knew they couldn't complete the game and they came to us when it was their decision not to move forward or find funding in other ways and we purchased the license from them and the rest is history. We had pretty friendly cordial relationship with them and so that led to us always being in communication, so when the opportunity came up we took it. I mean ST is such a great IP that it makes perfect sense for an MMO.

Q: How much of an influence will Perpetual's vision for STO influence Cryptic's game?

A: I'll be honest, I really didn't read any of their documents. I talked with their team briefly, for about an hour but that was months and months and months ago. Everything we've done, if there happen to be resemblances, great, cause Perpetual guys were really cool, they were really into it, they uh, I'm sure great minds will think alike, but we didn't consciously lift anything.

Q: Cryptic acquired the rights less than a year ago. How is it that production has moved along so quickly?

A: Well see there is a big difference between cryptic and other MMO companies,that we're starting with an engine. So the minute we got the license we can start working on in game assets. We're not spending a year or two years building an engine or porting, licensing and engine and then trying to port it to do what we want it to do. And I think that's usually the reason that an MMO company takes so long to make something. It's not necessarily the game or the content, you have to do that plus the infrastructure, the pipeline, the tools, to enable people to do that stuff. We already have it with Champions Right? We're shipping next spring, boom. All right ST,Whoom! We just use the engine make some tweaks to make it appropriate for ST, done.

Q: Does the inclusion of starships pose additional challenges?

A: Well yeah, but we already have flight, its not like we weren't already used to players working in 3D. Now that isn't to say that there aren't things that we need to do for ships, but at least we had a good starting point.

Q: Can you tell us about the combat system?

A: I think that ship combat is going to be very tactical, its going to be more like, well kinda tall ship combat and not really dogfightering. But I think the ground combat, at least as we have it now, is much more fast paced then a typical mmo. Its not a console like action like champions, but you've phasers, you have energy weapons, disruptors, shields and so I think that right now the pace we are looking for is far more rapid.

Q: Will you be developing STO for the XBox?

A: There's nothing preventing it, except for business.

Q: Is that a factor in the Game's design?

A: Yeah, we're always thinking about going to console because we have the technology to do it and very very few companies have that and so it would be silly for us not to consider it, but I don't really consider it a limitation because we didn't have to dumb down Champions even a little bit for the console.

Q: Will combat look more like combat in a traditional MMO or will it look more like an action RPG?

A: There are a lot of really good games that did some things that uh, Mass Effect, Tabula Rasa, HellGate, that have introduced some kinda cool mechanics that maybe we're going to look at for inspiration to make some not quite so straight forward because we want to bring ST to life, I don't want to just create an MMO that happens to have a ST skin on it and thats something that I really want to avoid.