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04-25-2014, 01:49 PM
After today's update the Mac Client is a bit more stable but still has issues. It still locked up on beam down to First City but when I restarted it had me in the transporter room so I was able to go about my business. I played a KDF Fleet Alert with no issues other than the two I mentioned above. And the sound isn't just my headset, it's the speakers too. I'm only getting sound from the left speaker, ditto for headset. And I still can't do anything with my 2nd monitor when playing fullscreen. This did not happen before the Season 9 update. I've checked audio settings and "default sound device" is the only option so not much I can change there.

I did bootcamp into Win7 and played there some last night. Game looks absolutely fantastic played in "full screen" mode which is 2560x1440. The Nvidia 780M has no problem with FPS at that res. And I can still use the 2nd monitor and don't have audio issues. Rebooting into Win7 is a nuisance but is really my only option until they finish fixing what Season 9 broke on the Mac Client.