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# 1 Invisable weapons Season 9
04-26-2014, 07:43 AM
In Any map where their are a good number of weapons firing my weapons "Now" go invisable as of Season 9. I can't see my Damage, Can't see by bolts (except for when I use rapid fire, or am VERY close to the enemy)

I can reproduce this bug EVERY single time in Crystal Catastrophy. Now I know lots of people exhibit lag there, but I don't. or rather I didnt at least.

I'm on a 75/mb sec line, Got a 3ghz dual core, and a gddr5 1,024mb graphics card (shader 5.0), 4gbs of ram, running windows 7 ultimate x64. Running the game under direct x11 maxed graphics like before.

I'm flying a scimitar and have 2 Undine antiproton Turrets in the aft+ Borg kinetic beam, and in front 2 Voth dual heavy cannons + 3 Fluidic dual heavy antiproton cannons in the front.
Wearing Romulan engines, and KHG deflector and Shields.

This is an annoying bug simply because I cannot really Tell if im firing at all except by the lill weapons consol and the recycling cool downs there.