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Originally Posted by nativejoe View Post
In Any map where their are a good number of weapons firing my weapons "Now" go invisable as of Season 9. I can't see my Damage, Can't see by bolts (except for when I use rapid fire, or am VERY close to the enemy)

I can reproduce this bug EVERY single time in Crystal Catastrophy. Now I know lots of people exhibit lag there, but I don't. or rather I didnt at least.

I'm on a 75/mb sec line, Got a 3ghz dual core, and a gddr5 1,024mb graphics card (shader 5.0), 4gbs of ram, running windows 7 ultimate x64. Running the game under direct x11 maxed graphics like before.

I'm flying a scimitar and have 2 Undine antiproton Turrets in the aft+ Borg kinetic beam, and in front 2 Voth dual heavy cannons + 3 Fluidic dual heavy antiproton cannons in the front.
Wearing Romulan engines, and KHG deflector and Shields.

This is an annoying bug simply because I cannot really Tell if im firing at all except by the lill weapons consol and the recycling cool downs there.
With the Scimitar I rarely see my weapons anyway. The beast it to big, the bolts are to small.

But I can confirm that this happens often in crowded areas with other ships, including small ones like the Kumari of hegh'ta. Mainly those using cannons, didn't notice it happening with beams.

But its not new, that happened before Season 9. May be its connected to the change on the graphic settings that some notice it now and not before.
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