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04-26-2014, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by revandarklighter View Post
With the Scimitar I rarely see my weapons anyway. The beast it to big, the bolts are to small.

But I can confirm that this happens often in crowded areas with other ships, including small ones like the Kumari of hegh'ta. Mainly those using cannons, didn't notice it happening with beams.

But its not new, that happened before Season 9. May be its connected to the change on the graphic settings that some notice it now and not before.

Oh They are Clearly visable to me. Expecially at 9k back from the Target. And the Undine weps are HIGHLY you definetly notice when the Tracers shots run out.

Hrmmm... well as of now it hasn't really hurt my dps because occasionally I center myself behind my ship to "make sure" my invisable rounds are on the target.

Atleast in crystal the target is mostly stationary... I'd be completely Screwed if it was in the new undine stfs where they run around and strafe behind you.

I just wish their was a work around for this bug.

As for the gravity wells disappearing, yeah I';ve noticed that as well.

But for me this is completly a season 9... Probably undine weapons specific bug... because if i use all Voth weapons the bug doesn't occure.