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08-24-2008, 04:18 AM
I have to agree, I don't really think he's contradicting himself. Starting off with an engine ready to go has huge advantages. Yes he stated that you could plug ST in and there ya go, but "tweaking" is a pretty light word when it comes down to it. They will have lots of work to do to modify the engine so it fits the games' mechanics.

About the guy in the background, one of the members here got it right that he's wearing a kilt (sorry, I forgot the members name). What he's digging in is a 'sporran'. Since kilts don't have pockets, that's how you carry your "junk". And yes, it's like a man purse. This guy is wearnig a Utilikilt, a non-formal kilt with no clan affiliation. (sorry, just had to clear that up)