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04-29-2014, 07:21 PM
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If it wasn't for copyrighting and all that noise, I'd love to see the Achilles Class from DS9: Dominion Wars. I orginally wanted that ship before I saw the Luna
(watch from 1:40 to see Achilles)

Wouldn't mind seeing the Cardassian's huge Hutet-Class ship either-

Type 11 Shuttle and Recon ship-

If Feds did get a Carrier I'd like to see the Typon class from Star Trek: Invasion-

I think we should see more Gorn, Orion etc ships on the KDF side. Even some of the NPC enemy ships would be welcome
I would second the Achilles Class, I love that ship. there is also the Mahan-class, it's like a cross between the Sovereign and a carrier